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1st December 2023

Welcome to latest (and we hope greatest) online Advent Calendar yet. When we started these the internet was in its infancy, and as well as inventing blogging and Twitter, Adam was getting total random strangers to visit and comment on eclectic Christmas stuff. We even (apparently) got a mention in a newspaper's Saturday magazine (but they weren't online in those days so we only heard about that).

Christmas seems to have come very early this year, especially some Carol Services (more on that later). But Advent has come, as it always does, on 1st December. We'd love to hear about your Christmas preparations, what Advent calendar you have bought (or been given), and any requests for daily pics (Hasselhoff in a Santa outfit? Did that in 2005). Just tweet @robotmaths or send us a message below.

Today we celebrate Christmas ornaments. Living in a 1930s semi, we were enchanted by this lovely scene from Homesense. Nothing quite says Christmas like a flamingo in a Santa hat in front of a modernist gazebo with a wall of screen blocks.

As a special bonus, here's a must-have Secret Santa gift for the music fan in your life. Though we would probably have headlined this "Egg To The Rhythm", or maybe "Pull Cup To The Bumper"

We applaud Grace Jones as a musical hero. Here's the Platty Jubes video of her hula-hooping throughout her song "Slave To The Rhythm".


Anonymous said…
Wouldn't be Christmas without your Advent Calendar! Best wishes from Andrew and Jess McC in Bromley - go CPAS!
Anonymous said…
Awesome. Some live for the weekend, we love for the Creen advent calendar. Way to go. Blessings.

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