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Advent Calendar 2020

1st December 2020

What a year it's been! Welcome to our #LockdownAdventCalendar with some of the best things we have done and seen along the way, and lots of seasonal fun to get you in the #FiveDaysOfFreedom Christmas mood. As usual, we want your ideas and suggestions - send them to our email  and we will do our best! We start this year with our favourite thing from our favourite Christmas advert ... yes, it's John Lewis! We love all the different animation styles, and how even the live action things look like they were drawn by children. Here the wide eyed-moppet jumps off the 222 to Tooting (even though everyone knows it's actually the 333). Notice the pretend bus-stop? Lovely! We also love all the supermarket adverts, even though it's a bit cheeky how the Lidl one has the Aldi carrot getting roasted and eaten. Poor Kevin! What's your favourite advert this year, Christmas of otherwise? We still love Mrs "BUM! HIPS!! HEART!!!" with her fridge full of peppers and her astoni