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Switzerland Travel Guide 2022

Never forget: ·      EHIC/GHIC: make sure you get one for free, never pay a scammer ·      Travel Insurance: vital, you’ll thank me one day, don’t forget to declare pre-existing conditions ·      Roaming Bundles: get the cheapest data bundle from your provider – even though Switzerland isn’t in the EU, your phone provider includes it in European deals ·      Covid Apps: update your Travel Covid Pass on the UK “NHS” app, the French “Tous Anti-Covid” app, and the Swiss “Covid Cert” app ·      Credit cards: as Switzerland isn’t in the EU, you need a Worldwide commission-free credit card, eg Nationwide Credit Card Arriving: There are direct trains from Paris Gare de Lyon to Basel, Geneva and Zürich Set up an account with SNCF and download the SNCF Connect app TGV Lyria trains have free wifi, free (and compulsory) reservations, and 1st class ticket holders have access to the Grand Voyageurs lounge at Paris Gare de Lyon See for details of Eurostar, how to get across P
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Tallinn Travel Guide (new for 2023)

Getting around From the airport: Buses 2 and 15 go to the centre of the city. There are long distance buses (numbers above 73) that also follow this route, but you can’t use Tallinn Cards on these. If staying at Swissotel (see below) get off at stop Tornimae, and walk back 100m crossing the road. You can pay on a bus or tram by tapping a contactless bank card against the validator, but you must use the one at the front of the bus, as the others don’t accept bank cards. It works like London, in that there is a daily cap, so all your day’s tickets will appear as a single transaction the next day. You can also use one card to buy several people’s tickets at once. Public transport guide: From the ferry ports: Bus 66 goes from Terminal D (for Tallink/Silja Line ferries). Come out of the terminal building and bear right past the pushy taxi drivers to the covered bus stop area. Don’t cross the main road. You’ll find bus s

23rd December 2023

Nearly there! Here are some Christmassy songs for you. First up, it's tiny Irish popstrels B*Witched with "To You I Belong" The b-side was a novelty Christmas track called "B*Witched's Letter To Santa" The other band who did a fun Christmas b-side for their fans was the Spice Girls, who recorded "Sleigh Ride" with lots of extra "in character" chat

24th December 2023

We hope that wherever you are for Christmas, and whoever you might be spending it with, that you have a wonderful time full of surprises and good food. If you are on Twitter/X, don't forget to check out the hashtags #DuvetKnowItsChristmas to see photos of guest rooms that only ever surface in the holiday season, and #XmasAtTheInlaws for fun photos of our Christmas in Horsham. Here are some photos of what we wish Horsham looked like - maybe one day we'll have a snowy Christmas in the south! Happy Christmas and a blessed New Year! Adam & Sarah

22nd December 2023

For the last 11 years of the Advent Calendar, we have celebrated with the Swedish Royal Family, watching Princess Estelle (and more recently her brother Prince Oscar) growing up. The children of Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel, they are always photogenic and make marvellous Christmas videos.    They also dressed up for Lucia, a Swedish festival of lights. Estelle is now 11 and Oscar is 7. God Jul!

21st December 2023

Back up to date at last! Today we are looking at celebrations around the world. Lots of places have midwinter carnivals, and since today is the shortest day, when better to celebrate! It's going to get (gradually) sunnier from now on! Jason Gardner travelled across Europe, photographing dancing animals, pagan figures, and folkloric monsters. In the Austrial Tyrol, Winter is represented by a white bear. When he lies down and rolls over in the town square, it means that Spring is on its way.

20th December 2023

More tree decorations today, and the range of furry figures that you can get is unprecedented. Here are our favourite three: the Hippy Dog the Suffragette the Arnolfini Marriage The last of those based of course on the well-known Renaissance portrait of Santa and Mrs Claus: