30 November 2011

1st December 2011

Welcome to December! It's great to have you back on the oft-imitated but never-bettered Creen Advent Calendar. Sarah and Adam here, in our 9th year of entertaining you all with surprises every day, as you "open the windows"of the incredibly low-tech homepage at http://bit.ly/adcal2011

Every year, we ask you for your requests - we enjoy the challenge and no idea is too silly, as long as it's vaguely Christmas related, or linked in with our theme, which this year is ... the Olympics! Sounds too obvious? Wait and see what we have planned!

We'd also love some guest posts, so if you're interested in sharing a picture, photo, poem or story, just get in touch on Twitter or email. Anyway, on with the show!


Christmas makes us think of snow, we're certainly hoping for a white Christmas, even if we will be in the South of England where it hardly ever snows. And here are some friends who just love snow - it's the mascots from the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Quatchi, Miga, Sumi and Mukmuk.

Our favourite is Quatchi - the big bear with the blue earmuffs - he's actually a Sasquatch, and looks very huggable! We don't have our own, though we did buy some fridge magnets and posters of all of them when we were in Toronto. Our friend Cath has her own Mukmuk, a mascot who represents the fans of the Olympics!

Another fan of Quatchi is Steve Mandich, who posts annually all of his Quatchi links! He also took the photo above.

Watch out for more mascots coming up on future days, and don't forget to send us your requests!