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Making Your Mind Up time

Time to blog the 'Making Your Mind Up' show in preparation for May's Eurovision Song Contest. There's really limited rapport between Terry Wogan and Fearne Cotton (who's doing everything these days, like last night's Red Nose Day) and even less between the presenters and the audience. There's no mention of the songwriters, just the usual clips of Bucks Fizz et al, and a line-up from the depths of failed careers: Liz McClackers : after a non-existent solo career, she claims Eurovision is very important to her, well of course it could mean several thousand in single sales. However, a retread of Dusty Springfield's "Son of Preacher Man" is not going to wow a Euro audience. Sarah comments what an odd dress it is, full top and arms and then a shoty-short hemline. Brian Harvey : the only pop star to be run over by his own car. He's doing it for his mum. His positive power ballad was bland in the non-extreme, almost shouted rather than sung. Co-wr