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Women Bishops - the battle for the Synod

Today's news reports ( Guardian , Church Times ) describe the possibility of the first female bishop in the Church of England being appointed by the end of 2014. In November, the General Synod voted overwhelmingly to welcome the new women-bishops proposals, by 378 to 8, but the opposition hasn't been as obvious there. Instead the House of Laity, comprising members of the deanery synods or chosen by and from the lay members of religious communities, has managed to stop it happening so far. Legislation narrowly failed to gain a two-thirds majority among lay representatives at the synod. Why did this happen? Because evangelical pressure groups are doing their best to swing the vote their way by encouraging their supporters to put themselves forward, first as PCC (church council) members, then as deanery synod members, and then finally as House of Laity members. This was very obvious in November when I wrote to the Guildford Diocese members, who replied that they would vote the way