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Switzerland Travel Guide 2022

Never forget:   ·       EHIC/GHIC: make sure you get one for free, never pay a scammer ·       Travel Insurance: vital, you’ll thank me one day, don’t forget to declare pre-existing conditions ·       Roaming Bundles: get the cheapest data bundle from your provider – even though Switzerland isn’t in the EU, your phone provider includes it in European deals ·       Covid Apps: update your Travel Covid Pass on the UK “NHS” app, the French “Tous Anti-Covid” app, and the Swiss “Covid Cert” app ·       Credit cards: as Switzerland isn’t in the EU, you need a Worldwide commission-free credit card, eg Nationwide Credit Card   Arriving:   There are direct trains from Paris Gare de Lyon to Basel, Geneva and Zürich Set up an account with SNCF and download the SNCF Connect app TGV Lyria trains have free wifi, free (and compulsory) reservations, and 1 st class ticket holders have access to the Grand Voyageurs lounge at Paris Gare de Lyon See https://