20 December 2017

20th December 2017

We were amused to see this photo on Twitter from Adam's old stamping ground, Jesmond Parish Church:

(Thanks to Damien Hall at Newcastle Uni for the photo)

He posted it because of the small asterisked note on the right, "Crèche at 4pm and 5pm services". In British English (BrE) we would understand that to mean a room for babies and children so they don't disturb the main service. But in American English (AmE) it literally means "a crib", or a representation of the Nativity scene.

So every church (or cathedral) with a Nativity scene automatically has a crèche!

We follow Lynne Murphy and her blog Separated by A Common Language, which is great for this sort of thing. In particular:

  • AmE daycare center = BrE crèche
  • AmE crèche = BrE crib
  • AmE crib = BrE cot
  • AmE cot = BrE camp-bed

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