1 July 2018

Casio Calculator Pricing 2018-19

The idea for this all started in June 2017. With new calculators for A Level and much parental confusion about what Year 7 students should be buying, I asked:

So here it is! 
These are the current UK shop prices for the 3 newest models of Casio calculator for schools.

You will find cheaper prices on eBay, Amazon and other online suppliers for some products, but they may be from overseas, not contain UK manuals, or be programmed in a different language. Bulk orders may incur customs duty.

Let me know if you see any cheaper deals: email adamcreen@hotmail.com or tweet @adamcreen

Last update: 14th September 2018

Casio fx-83/85GT+ f
or Years 7 to 11
This calculator is the best one to buy for GCSE. It is not suitable for A Level even if the pack says so.
The fx-85 is the solar model, but always buy whichever is cheapest, solar or not makes no difference
May be available in black, pink, blue and white, but STILL buy whichever is cheapest!

  • Office Outlet £5.99 - not many stores and no guarantee of stock
  • Asda: £8.00
  • Ryman: £9.99
  • Argos: £9.99
  • WH Smith: £9.99
  • Wilko: £10.00
  • Tesco: £11.00
  • Sainsburys: £12.00
School Suppliers (ex VAT/inc VAT) - discounts for bulk orders:

Casio fx-991EX Classwiz for A Level
This calculator is the best one to buy for A Level.
It is also allowed for all GCSE exams (except the non-calculator paper!) but is a lot more expensive than the FX83/85
90 day free emulator offer: https://edu.casio.com/products/classroom/classwiz/

  • Ryman £23.49
  • Asda: £25.00
  • Office Outlet: £26.99
  • Argos: £28.99
  • WHSmith: ripoff £29.99
  • Tesco: £30.00
  • Sainsburys: £30.00
School Suppliers (ex VAT/inc VAT) - discounts for bulk orders:

Casio fx-CG50 graphic calculator

This is not a requirement for any GCSE or A Level course
1 year free emulator offer: https://education.casio.co.uk/1-year-emulator-licence-offer/


  • WHSmith: £125.99 - don't do it - get it for under £100 from a supplier below
  • Argos: £129.99
  • Ryman: out of stock
School Suppliers (ex VAT/inc VAT) - discounts for bulk orders:

1 January 2018

Pearson Textbook Corrections

This page will be kept updated with any corrections needed for the new 2017 Pearson A Level Maths textbooks. This includes in notes, exercises, answers or Solutionbank.

At last. A link to a Google Doc (so much easier to edit):


GCSE 9-1 2018 - Edexcel AQA OCR ... & IGCSE

The end is in sight! All the new or updated resources for Paper 3 are in RED. The ones in black are still relevant but were produced before Paper 2 happened.

This page is a round-up of resources for GCSE & IGCSE produced before the final paper. Remember Best Guess is a GUESS and a predicted paper is JUST A GUESS. Revise everything even if it came up on earlier papers! Here's Uncle Graham:

Students and tutees should be aware that schools or tutors may be planning to give these papers to you before the next paper, and so doing all of them without help may not be the best preparation - it is better to ask so you can work with your teachers and tutors.

If you produce or discover any resources I could add, please email adamcreen@hotmail.com or tweet @adamcreen. Thanks!



Breakfast Warmups B (suitable for all boards)




Pinpoint Learning:
Paper 3 Revision Packs
Mr Collins Maths:
Paper 3 Practice Questions and Solutions

Dr Frost Maths:
Practice Paper 3

Becky Newman:
Foundation Practice Questions

Paper 3 Topic List and Practice Papers

Paper 3 Topic Lists and Practice Papers
Practice Papers


Target Topics and Questions

Best Guess Papers

Ian Tomkins:
Higher Topic List

South Coast Tutors:

Foundation Paper 2/3



PixiMaths - AQA Priority Topics https://www.piximaths.co.uk/the-revision-zone

JustMaths - AQA https://justmaths.co.uk/2018/06/08/practice-practice-practice-nearly-there/

CorbettMaths - AQA https://corbettmaths.com/2018/06/07/aqa-paper-3-material/ and https://corbettmaths.com/category/revision-2/


Miss B's Resources - AQA https://www.missbsresources.com/maths-resources/practice-papers

Ben Gordon - AQA https://t.co/l1jNlQmlk5 

OnMaths - AQA https://www.onmaths.com/


JustMaths - OCR 

CorbettMaths - OCR https://corbettmaths.com/2018/06/07/ocr-paper-3-material/

OnMaths - OCR https://www.onmaths.com/



Thanks SO MUCH to EJMaths for doing this!


23 December 2017

23rd December 2017

Nearly there! If you haven't done the shopping by now the queues at Waitrose will be all the round the car park. Today we're just chilling out with parties and the Last Jedi to look forward to.

Here's a round-up of all the Christmas pics we haven't managed to fit in any other day.

With the Crib Service coming up our church had a display of lots of different nativities people had lent. The Jellybean Jam Jar Nativity:

and a stone nativity:

It's not enough to have soup for cats and a chiller cabinet int he pet aisle. Now you have to buy:

And finally, this is the church just an hour before the school Carol Concert. I think it shows just what a special thing it is to have to wait ... knowing that the joy is just around the corner. Advent's nearly over!

22nd December 2017

A trio of seasonal videos for your final Festive Friday! While Adam may turn his nose up at Pentatonix, they have a certain compelling quality, if only to work out who they are lookalikes for. There's Ryan Gosling, Katie Melua, Mickey from Dr Who, that Nordic baddy out of Die Hard, and Will from the Inbetweeners.

Here they are singing three songs to get you in the Christmas mood. All together now ... bum bum ba ba aaaaaaah...

24th December 2017

We've made it! Another year, another Advent Calendar over. We hope you have enjoyed the pictures, stories and videos and have a wonderful Christmas yourself.

This year we have a competition (NOW CLOSED) to win a very special Christmas tree surprise! All you have to do is work out what colour shirt Adam is wearing in the picture below. The catch is it was taken at the National Gallery 'Monochrome' exhibition in a room containing only yellow light!

With a merry Christmas from both of us!

21 December 2017

21st December 2017

As well as today being the last day of term, it's also a chance for us to see one of our favourite films on the big screen. The BFI Southbank is showing A Matter Of Life And Death, by Powell and Pressburger. It's a beautiful and sentimental, but also comic, film about an airman who cheats death and may or may not be hallucinating a heavenly messenger tasked with taking him to the afterlife.

So many of the actors are amazing, but my favourite is Roger Livesey as Dr Reeves, who rides a fast bike and tests David Niven's hallucinations.

Do try and watch this film if you can.

20 December 2017

20th December 2017

We were amused to see this photo on Twitter from Adam's old stamping ground, Jesmond Parish Church:

(Thanks to Damien Hall at Newcastle Uni for the photo)

He posted it because of the small asterisked note on the right, "Crèche at 4pm and 5pm services". In British English (BrE) we would understand that to mean a room for babies and children so they don't disturb the main service. But in American English (AmE) it literally means "a crib", or a representation of the Nativity scene.

So every church (or cathedral) with a Nativity scene automatically has a crèche!

We follow Lynne Murphy and her blog Separated by A Common Language, which is great for this sort of thing. In particular:

  • AmE daycare center = BrE crèche
  • AmE crèche = BrE crib
  • AmE crib = BrE cot
  • AmE cot = BrE camp-bed

18 December 2017

18th December 2017

Nadolig Llawn to all of our Welsh friends! We have enjoyed a few trips to Wales recently and love the language (even if we can't pronounce it). Here are a few of our favourite signs:

19th December 2017

We've been waiting patiently for the annual video from the Swedish Royal family, because it'll show us the latest from Princess Estelle and her tiny brother Prince Oscar. Here they are being typically Swedish again. So sweet!

And if your heart can bear to be warmed even more, here are all the great previous ones:





17 December 2017

17th December 2017

Today we combine two of our favourite Advent Calendar themes, nativity and knitted things. From Bristol, here's a LIFE SIZE knitted nativity, or "Knitivity" if you will.

The knitters all worked at the same primary school and made this to raise money for charity in memory of a friend. http://www.patchwayjournal.co.uk/2012/11/27/life-size-knitted-nativity-characters-visit-patchway-church/

We also saw this lovely tea cosy at our friend Penny's house yesterday. Knit-tastic!

Bonus beats! Here's a knitted tree dec we hadn't seen before, courtesy of our friend Gill. Don't blink!

16 December 2017

16th December 2017

It's the season of Christmas Parties! Adam has had 2 and Sarah gets a total of 4 - her team, her division, her function and the whole of Head Office! It's so good to relax with colleagues, though in school we don't have a drinks trolley come round at 3pm...