7 January 2019

Casio Calculator Pricing 2019

2019 Update: The new Casio fx-83/85GTX

Hello to everyone visiting from @resourceaholic's Maths Gems blog!

The pricing below now includes the new KS3/GCSE calculator in the Casio range
The fx-83/85GTX replaces the existing fx-83/85GT+
It has Classwiz branding and a new look to bring it into line with the fx-991EX

This blogpost will be kept updated with availability and pricing on the High Street and from educational suppliers
The 83 is available in black, blue and pink, and uses one AAA battery
The 85 model is only available in black, and has a solar panel as well as battery backup
Our advice: choose the cheapest you can find! Neither the colour nor the solar is worth paying extra money for

If you are buying for a GCSE student and they are likely to do A Level Maths, you are better off buying the fx-991EX as this is allowed at GCSE and is essential for A Level. It will save you £10 in the long run

Let me know if you see any cheaper deals: email adamcreen@hotmail.com or tweet @robotmaths

Casio fx-83/85GTX

Argos: £14.99 and £16.99 BEST BUY
Ryman: £16.99 and £18.99 #ripoff

It can be ordered from educational suppliers:

Science Studio early bird prices: £11/£13 including VAT
Oxford Educational Supplies
Oxford Scientific Solutions 
Integrity Services

You will not see it on all their websites yet but they are starting to receive stock.

Casio fx-83/85GT+

This model is still perfectly suitable for KS3/GCSE and prices may come down as stock of the new calculator begins to appear.

Sainsburys: out of stock
Tesco: £13.00 #ripoff
Asda: £12.00 #ripoff

Ryman: £8.99 BEST BUY
WHSmith: £11.99 #ripoff
Argos: £9.99
Wilko: £10.00

Educational suppliers (see links above): around £8.00 including VAT, but may charge postage.

Casio fx-991EX
aka Classwiz (though this name is now on the new GTX calculators as well).

This model is required for A Level and is also allowed in GCSE exams.

Sainsburys: £30.00
Tesco: £30.00
Asda: £35.00 #ripoff

Ryman: £24.99 BEST BUY
WHSmith: £27.99
Argos: £28.99

Educational suppliers (see links above): around £23.00 including VAT, but may charge postage.
Beware of buying "cheap" versions on eBay/Amazon. They may be designed for a different country and have non-English buttons and display.

Casio fx-CG50 graphic calculator

This is not a requirement for any GCSE or A Level course, but is allowed in all exams.

Argos: £104.99 BEST BUY
WHSmith: £119.99

Amazon: £104.99 - this is likely to change, use this Amazon link

Educational suppliers (see links above): around £100.00 including VAT, but may charge postage.

Casio link to suppliers: https://education.casio.co.uk/where-to-purchase

23 December 2018

24th December 2018

And so we say farewell to the Advent Calendar for another year. Don't forget to enter the competition!

We leave you with this year's Christmas Card design, now completed in twine.

This is based on a design by our friend Clarissa, whose website www.artfulmaths.com "explains it all" (geddit?).

We wish you the best of the season, and pray you'll have a blessed time with friends and family.

23rd December 2018

We hope you are enjoying your weekend, and maybe you don't have to go back to work on Monday? Sarah doesn't normally get Christmas Eve off, so we are enjoying an extra long break together. With only 2 days to go on the Advent Calendar, we'd like to say thank you for sticking with us, and today's indulgence is the Christmas classic, the Hallmark Movie.

Every year, the Hallmark Channel commissions a number of made-for-TV movies on a Christmas theme. They all involve romance, usually for a small-town American woman, with an impossibly attractive man, though naturally the course of true love does not run smooth. Sometimes they are fantasies, taking place inside a snowglobe, or someone has to relive Christmas Eve (Groundhog-style) until they do the right thing.

An up and coming star of Hallmark movies is Lacey Chabert, who has starred in two different Mariah Carey-produced Christmas films, as well as the classic dating-site-turned-Christian-movie "Christian Mingle"

But this year's monster hit has been "A Christmas Prince 2: The Royal Wedding". Oh yes, the royalty-themed romance. There are now FIFTEEN of these, with CP2 being only the latest. In every single one, a blonde American woman falls in love with a man with a sort-of-British accent, only to discover he's a minor European royal. Will they end up together? Ahem.

22nd December 2018

Christmas competition for the final time! Here's the last photo of us from one of our holidays this year and you have to guess the city. You could win an exclusive souvenir from one of our top destinations. If you think you have all 3 (click back to 8th and 15th if you need to) then email adamcreen@hotmail.com with your entry and we'll pick a winner on New Year's Day.

So our third holiday was also to an Olympic city, with a spectacular waterfront and an overpowering smell of weed, thanks to its recent legalisation. It is named after the explorer from Kings Lynn who first charted the waters around the city.

As well as meeting up with our friend Heather, who was there for a Statistics conference, we took several boat trips, visited a baseball game, bought poutine, and lots of Timbits at the local coffee shop.

21 December 2018

21st December 2018

Adam's Dad is the best at writing quizzes. He's been doing it for years, and he always manages to make them fit around a theme. He offered this one to readers of the Advent Calendar. You'll pick it up pretty quickly. But the real question is, why today?

21st December Quiz:


5. Ivanhoe
6. She became Duchess of Windsor
7. Captain James T. Kirk
8. 1984 Character

9. Dotheboys Hall's headmaster
10. The bride’s father delivers one
11. Not buying double-glazing (or anything else!)
12. Snow White had one

13. Patricia Cornwell says he’s Jack the Ripper
14. Inventor of the well-boiled icicle
15. “As long as I gaze on *** ***, I am in Paradise”
16. Gambler's lucky phase.

20 December 2018

19th December 2018

It wouldn't be Christmas without a visit to the Swedish Royal Court, where Prinsessen Estelle and her little brother Prins Oscar are here to wish you "God Jul" in a photo taken by their mother, Victoria.

Here's this year's video:

You can see all their previous seasonal shenanigans here.

20th December 2018

We're always on the lookout for new tree decorations, and with the perennial debate over "Is Die Hard a Christmas film?" you couldn't do better than to make your own "John McClane crawling through a vent":

Instructions at: https://unlikelywords.com/2016/12/23/how-to-make-your-own-die-hard-christmas-tree-ornament/

In other film memorabilia, you could get a HAL 9000 ornament from Stanley Kubrick's 2001, but you might feel it's a bit risky to let a psychotic AI into your home.

Still, even that is safer than a chestburster...

If you are a fan of the papercraft, though, the best tree dec to make this Christmas is a miniature Commodore 64!

Instructions for this one are at http://rockybergen.com/

18 December 2018

18th December 2018

Today is one of the most exciting days of the year! It's the Salesian School Carol Service, with 7 choirs, 20 musical items, and a whole day of rehearsals. This year the music includes "Noel" by Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin, and a special "Home Alone" medley of three songs from the film written by John Williams and Leslie Bricusse.

I couldn't find a good vocal version but here are the Brooklyn Duo doing a medley on piano and cello.

And here are the Salesian Choirs and Band performing a special charity version of The Twelve Days Of Christmas:

17th December 2018

Christmas treats! We made a final (slightly drizzly) trip to London to see some art (at the slug-laden Tate) and visit Scandinavian Kitchen for special saffron Semlor buns. Adam also spotted Marzipan that makes him want to take a special trick to Lubeck, the home of marzipan in Germany. Sarah trated herself to a melty snowman cookie in Pret.

16 December 2018

16th December 2018

It wasn't until Sarah's brother David got married that we realised you could get terrifyingly specific Christmas cards. We started to receive (and send) "Happy Christmas to my sister and brother-in-law" type cards, then when our nephew was born they got even more specific!

So here's a card from Card Factory, which takes personalisation a few parsecs into the future! To a brilliant brother and "Your Wife" or husband or non-gender specific partner, or partner-to-be ... and I'm sure additional ones inside for pet, inanimate totem or DVD collection.

15 December 2018

15th December 2018

Christmas competition time again! Remember we post a photo of us from one of our holidays this year and you have to guess the city. You could win an exclusive souvenir from one of our top destinations, but don't email until the final one next week!

Here is Sarah at our latest Olympic stadium. This one was used in the 1990s and the mascot that year was a sheepdog. The stadium is in a park at the top of a mountain, whose name derives from "mountain of the Jews". Caught up in independence protests earlier this year, we had a great time and loved meeting the friendly Catalan locals. But where is it?

14 December 2018

14th December 2018

A minimalist nativity for you today. A priest in London shared "Last year our church bathroom became an accidental minimalist nativity".

Let us know if you see any other good nativities around on the web.

And as it's Friday, here's today's Christmas chillout track: