7 December 2016

Reasons to love The Ipcress File

1. Dr Radcliffe reads New Scientist (geddit?) in the car

2. Dr Radcliffe disappears at Marylebone Station (and Taylor dead in the mailsacks)

3. Harry Palmer's out-of-focus POV shot before he puts on the famous specs

4. Ross talking to the pigeons (Palmer's B107 on the table)

5. Alice

6. "I don't have Ross's sense of humour." "I will miss that, sir."

7. Talking to Pat at Scotland Yard: "You dirty old man." (in Harry H Corbett voice)

8. Chasing Bluejay through Imperial College

9. "I need a TX82." "You need a 3H security clearance. What's your authority?" "CC1." "CC1? All right, Harry, if you say so."

10. Colonel Ross in Safeway supermarket (Champignons!)

11. "I'm working for Dalby. You're working for Ross."

11a. "Do you always wear your glasses?" "Except in bed."

12. "You - lose yourself."

13. "My name ... is HARRY PALMER!"

14. The big reveal of his prison location

15. "Now listen to me. Listen to me."

16. The final shootout.

guest suggestions:

Jeroen Teeuwisse: The music by John Barry

Maggie Dods: "Tell me who wins."

Kelliepie: The fancy continental coffee making routine. The clocking of numerous birds. The incredibly thick gloss paint everywhere. "I shall BITE you, Palmer!" The rotary telephones - the Major has 3: red, green, black.

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