3 December 2016

4th December 2016

Today we are in Italy on our European tour, and the news is ...


Imagine our delight to find, when vaingloriously Google searching our own names, that Adam is the star of an Italian book about a hungry pig. The only other Mr Creen in fiction is a minor character in an Isaac Asimov science fiction novel, so this makes things so much better.

Here's what the authors had to say (Adam's bad translation):

Lorenzo Naia, Roberta Rossetti

A child who eats badly will be an adult with health problems. Alternatively, correct nutrition
along with some good rules and habits, can prevent the onset of diseases and mental and physical problems.

But in a world in which "big" is the usual way to speak of food, how can a child learn to feed themselves in a healthy way? To find out, there needs to be a place where a child’s curiosity is stimulated through the meetings and emotionally important experiences between the characters,
which will become the occasion of internalization and learning.

Mr. Creen is a cute little hungry pig, ready to explore the world! His happy and affectionate character wins over everyone who meets him. And the same goes for the kids. They identify with him and would like him as a friend
The pig is an omnivorous animal and through meetings, learns about the world of food and nutrition.

"Crin" in Piedmontese dialect means precisely "pig". Furthermore, the similarity with the English word "green" refers to the sustainable philosophy of the project.
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