23 December 2016

22nd December 2016

More Christmas traditions:

We like to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol, and (on Youtube) The Box Of Delights, to get us in the Christmas mood. But one of our friends John likes to watch K9 and Company.
For those of you that are too young (it only had one episode, in December 1981) this starred Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, one of Doctor Who's companions, who after she left the TARDIS was sent a robot dog, K9, to protect her. This adventure is set around the Winter Solstice so has a seasonal feel, at least.

A new Christmas tradition is where bespectacled Richard Osman, of Pointless, runs a "World Cup of Christmas" on his Twitter feed. This year is Christmas Films and the first round is still going on and you can vote (if you tweet). Please help Muppet Christmas Carol (or Die Hard) to win!

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