11 December 2016

11th December 2016

Top Five Christmas Movie Baddies

5. Those blokes out of Home Alone

I haven't seen this but I assume they are Very Bad Indeed, as they want to get into Kevin's house and steal some gingerbread feeling, or something. They are also quite stupid. And unlucky. So they can go at number 5.

4. Harry in Love, Actually

Again, I haven't seen this, but Sarah assures me that Harry (played by Alan Rickman) is a naughty man who cheats on Emma Thompson. What A Monster. However I think everyone in the film is a baddie for starring in such a schmaltzy piece of tinsel.

3. Victor Landberg in Miracle on 34th Street (1994 version)

The incomparable Joss Ackland (seen here in a Pet Shop Boys video) as the evil store owner trying to put Cole's out of business by getting Kris Kringle arrested. He's been great in everything he does, especially baddies, like his Evil South African in Lethal Weapon 2 (poor Patsy Kensit).

2. Scrooge in A Muppet Christmas Carol (and others)

Say no more. But he can't be number one because he turns good at the end. Lightweight.

1. Hans Gruber in Die Hard

Not only is Die Hard most people's favourite Christmas film, Hans is a 100% turd, and no other Christmas baddie comes close. Plus, everyone loves Alan Rickman (RIP) so it's only fair he gets 2 places in the top 5. (Let's forget how Jeremy Irons pretended he was Rickman's brother in Die Hard 3. Not even close.)

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