1 December 2015

2nd December 2015

Over 70 views on the first day, thank you very much! We have some goodies coming up this month, including just the thing to make your Carol Service go with a swing, Christmas crafts inspired by TV sitcoms, and possibly the worst Christmas jumper in the world.

We had lots of people tell us what their Advent Calendar was like this year. Andrew & Lynne have put up 24 post-it notes with surprises for each other written on the back (I can't imagine!), Hannah spent 10p on a beautiful Nativity artwork with traditional illustrations behind each door, and Shirley seems to have gone for Playmobil (always a top choice).

If I was going for a toy calendar, it would probably be the 2015 Star Wars pack, which seems to feature Santa AND R2-D2!

And you may not like this one ... it's the limited edition Lakrids calendar, direct from Scandinavia. 24 windows full of ...


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