14 December 2015

14th December 2015

A guest post from our lovely and talented friend @maxnugget, with her latest craft idea.

Here's my how to guide for making yourself a cheap and cheerful Christmas dome. It even doubles as a lamp of sorts. The dome itself was £3 in a sale at TK Maxx and had a bizarre bouquet of feathers in it but they were very easy to remove. I used battery operated lights from IKEA for the base and covered them with cotton wool wadding which I then staple gunned to the base to keep the lights in place. (The battery housing stays outside the dome) After spray gluing the cotton wool I then sprinkled it liberally with fake snow from Poundland. I bought the model village figures online very cheaply from Bents Garden Centre, but really you could use any festive ornament. Finally I hot glued the models to the base and placed the glass dome over the top. It's a bit messy but fun to make and all in all I think I spent around £15!

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