10 December 2015

10th December 2015

As people get into the Christmas spirit, so the trend for novelty jumpers is starting to rise again. Whether it's being a special snowflake, a knitted reindeer head, or comedy Christmas pudding boobs, you just can't get away from them.
In Saturday's Guardian, journalist Tanya Gold was wearing this exciting Hannukah jumper, complete with grinning dreidels and candelabra:

To find out more about dreidels, visit dreidelinfo.com

Bonus jumpers! The people of Toronto (like our friends Adam and Hannah) are massive baseball fans, almost as much as they are hockey fans. Their team is the Blue Jays, and in the 2015 season the Jays had two 11-game winning streaks, and claimed the AL East division title on September 30. They also took a five-game series against the Texas Rangers, advancing to the ALCS; a three-game comeback series victory had not been accomplished since 2012 by the San Francisco Giants.

So what better way to celebrate than with a Christmas jumper!

A Doctor Who Christmas jumper:

And finally some really bad knitting puns:

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