8 December 2014

9th December 2014

Where do you imagine the Capital of Christmas is? Lapland? Bethlehem?
Perhaps if we called it "Capitale de Noël" that might be a clue...

In fact, it is the beautiful city of Strasbourg, nestling in north-east France on the border with Germany. This year they are marketing themselves as the Capital of Christmas, and in addition to their usual beautiful architecture, storks, and European Institutions, they also have a range of Christmas markets.

Our friend Manuel and his family are our favourite Strasbourgeois and we had the pleasure of visiting them in April this year. We first met "on the internet" sharing our love of IKEA soft toys.

One thing that caught our eye on the Christmas website is that they are having a Belgian market. Waffles! Speculoos! Of course, but we hadn't come across cuberdons before. These are purple, cone-shaped, raspberry-flavoured candy with a liquid centre. We really will have to seek them out the next time we are Benelux-bound.

For more tourist information, check out our Strasbourg and our Brussels travel guides.

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