29 December 2013

Competition Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our Advent Calendar Fan Art competition.

You had to identify which film Sean Connery (for it was he) was starring in for each picture. Adam assumed that you would find out the answers in the same way he had found the pictures: do a Google Image Search for "Sean Connery fan art", find the pictures in the listings, then visit the pages to check the film.

No one did this. Instead, a complicated game of Mastermind (the peg version) ensued, with multiple entries trying to cover all possible combinations.

The answers:

DR NO by DixieKong86 (source: http://dixiekong86.deviantart.com/art/Sean-Connery-368845216)

ROBIN AND MARIAN by PresterJohn1 (source: http://presterjohn1.deviantart.com/art/Sean-Connery-151246637)

THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN by DrakenaDestroyer (source: http://drakenadestroyer.deviantart.com/art/Sean-Connery-13312850)

So to the winners:

Ross Saunders got 1 and 3 right but not 2
Peter Tisi was the only person to get 2 right, but hedged his bets on the others!

Discretion precludes me from saying what you win, as the people who gave us those unwanted gifts may read the blog.
Presentation will take place in the New Year at a specially convened dining event.
Happy New Year!

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