7 December 2013

7th December 2013

Anniversary Flashback: 2007

Looking around it's hard to believe how much fashion has changed. Back in 2007 we posted this...

Novelty Christmas jumpers were just that, a novelty, and yet in 2013 you can buy them in Sainsburys' Texco, everywhere! Sarah's work party even had a Christmas jumper theme, and 4 women turned up in the same Primark jumper!

I don't know if it's anything to do with Sarah Lund's jumper from The Killing (previously featured in the Advent Calendar as a teacosy design) but the patterns are now appearing everywhere:

To see all of the pictures from 2007, download the file: 2007pictures.zip

Bonus beats: from @jennyleppard's Twitter feed - coffee cups at our favourite London cafĂ©, Scandinavian Kitchen @scanditwitchen:

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