23 December 2013

23rd December 2013

Every year we seem to get bigger and better names in our local Panto in Woking. Once it would be ex-Eastenders star Steve McFadden, then last year we had a girl and her dog off Britain's Got Talent, but this year we have got superstar potential:

Yes, Mr Tumble, a woman off Blue Peter and another bloke are in "Cinderella". Justin Fletcher seems a genuinely nice guy (I once saw him switch on the Christmas lights at Bluewater where he led us in a rendition of "Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes") and having 2 children's stars seems to make it a lot more family-friendly.
Hal Cruttenden as Dandini (on the left) seems to have been chosen so he looks confusing like Justin. He's a comedian with the same chin and hairstyle, but they don't seem to mention this in the pantomime. Zoe Salmon as Cinders doesn't need to do much other than not be a plump bloke in his 30s.

One thing I do like about pantos is that because you only see adverts for your local one, you don't find out that THEY ARE ALL THE SAME really! Don't believe me? Look at the posters on this page: http://www.its-behind-you.com/diary.html Spooky!

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