22 December 2013

22nd December 2013

So what have we got left? At this stage in the Calendar, I feel like Waitrose selling off all of their Heston At Christmas items half-price. There's so many things still to put on and only 3 days left. Time to clear the decks...

Nativity scenes! Always a stalwart of the calendar, here's one very much representing 2013:

Here is a Moldovan nativity, a photo taken by our friends the Skirtons who are working with churches over there:

And here's a photo from closer to home, the Crib Service at Ottershaw, which is always Adam's last service to play for before having a Christmas break!

By the way, yesterday's poll stands (at the time of writing) at Royal Holloway University of London 14, Lady Margaret Hall University of Oxford 10. So Sarah says thank you very much. I say bah humbug.

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