1 December 2013

1st December 2013

This year, December 1st is also Advent Sunday, which doesn't happen often. So as you open the first window on your Advent Calendar, it's also the day the church starts its own Festival of Light, thinking of the Light that is to come into the world. At Ottershaw, we're having our Christingles today, oranges decorated with fruits and ribbon, representing aspects of the Christmas story and life of Jesus. So Sarah and I wish you all the very best at the start of December and the start of the season!

We were in Berlin at half-term and found these lovely miniature Advent Calendars. Every day is numbered, and you pop out the Smartie like a little sugar pill. Tastier then homeopathy, and some would argue more efficacious!

2013 is the 10th Anniversary of the Creen Laboratory Advent Calendar, so welcome, and if you've been with us since 2003, what are you doing with your life?! We'd love your contributions, so do send any ideas for photos, music or stories you'd like to see - or even better, send your own! We've already got an amazing piece of fan art lined up! In particular, photos of interesting Advent Calendars or anything on the theme of sprouts would be appreciated.

Here's one more Advent Calendar idea and you can make it yourself!

24 little buildings you make out of card and then arrange into an Advent village - find them all at the Mr Printables website.


Anonymous said...

I am very proud of myself, I read your Facebook message at 23:59 so was able to log into the Advent calendar at 00:00!!!! What am I doing with my life?

KirstenM said...

Off to mr printables right now!

Anonymous said...

So cute. Find myself downloading Mr Printables too. Weird and rather lovely all at the same time.