19 December 2013

19th December 2013

One of our treats of the year was a holiday in Berlin, a city Adam has visited many times before, and that we went together to in 2006. It's got amazing architecture, on both sides of the city, and has a wealth of things to visit.
We were very excited to hear that our dear friend Heidi was visiting Berlin for the first time on a school trip, though we knew that it would no doubt include worthy but depressing sights such as Checkpoint Charlie, the Jewish Memorial, and the Stasi Museum. We hoped she woud have a great time. And she did! Here are two of her great photos:

A genuine German market, not one of those fake ones selling gluhwein and wooden ties.

This is a model of a church in western Berlin, which was bombed in the war, and now has a modern addition and carillon next to it. Made of chocolate!

Thanks for the photos, Heidi!

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