16 December 2013

16th December 2013

Two things by people called Dave today:

Our friend Dave Walker draws cartoons, but has so many things on the go - CartoonChurch.com, CyclingCartoons.com, not to mention his own site.

And as well as doing his own Advent Calendar of Cartoons (web link, Facebook link) he has drawn a Christmas cartoon for Greenpeace's Save The Arctic campaign:

Dave Hopwood is a Christian writer and speaker, particularly focusing on faith and film. His website is at http://davehopwood.com/

Here is his poem, "The First Day Of Christmas":

On the first day of Christmas all this was sent to me:
Twelve hours of travelling, 
Eleven room refusals, 
Ten smelly stables, 
Nine months pregnant. 
Eight hours of labour - 
Seven animals watching, 
Six o’clock birth 
Five minutes peace. 
Four shepherds, 
Three wise men, 
Two startled doves, 
And a baby to set the world free.

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