15 December 2013

15th December 2013

Guest Post: Shirley McMillan

"Tis the season for Die Hard I suppose lol. I was about 11 when I drew this. I think 9/10 was quite harsh for my lovingly sketched efforts!"

Thanks, Shirley! It's always great to have a Brucey Bonus!
Shirley's blog is at www.shirleyannemcmillan.com and she tweets as @shirleyannemcm

Which brings us to this year's competition:

Here are three pictures of a well known actor. Your challenge is not to name him, but rather identify WHICH FILM he is starring in for each picture. Email your answers to adamcreen@hotmail.com and you could win a mystery prize (which in previous years has been an unwanted Christmas gift of high quality!)

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