14 December 2013

14th December 2013


We have neglected of late our theme of sprouts. So hold onto your parping pants, here's the latest sprout news!

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On the South Bank in London, a Christmas tree lights are being powered by a Brussels sprout battery, as an energy-saving gimmick.

Electrodes are inserted into the 1000 sprouts in the manner of a potato clock.
Chief boffin Sean Miles said, "'Sprouts are probably the worst vegetables to use, which makes the feat even more amazing."
When the Daily Mail reported this story (you knew they would, of course) the following comment was garnered:

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Next up, sprout entertainment news, and Elizabeth Henstridge, the Keira-Knightly-lite star of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. revealed on her Twitter feed about a giant sprout she had found.

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More sprout science now, and as well as Advent Calendar sponsor Syngenta inventing red sprouts, Waitrose have turned food technology on its head and created a sweeter "kid friendly" sprout in time for Christmas. As sprouts contain twice as much vitamin C per 100g than an orange, it's great to get children hooked on the sprout habit.

Waitrose described the new sprouts as "a real crowd-pleaser and one that is bound to get a unanimous thumbs up from kids this Christmas". Amy Lance, chief sprout taster at Waitrose, said: "The humble Brussels sprout is a wonderful bundle of deliciousness"
The new version, clearly labelled with a red "kid friendly" sticker, is available at £2.50 for 330g.

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And finally, to Chalfont in Buckinghamshire, where the 1st Chalfont St Peter Sprout, sorry, Scout Group had a competition to make the best sprout dish. James O’Brien, 14, won the competition with his enticing Spicy Brussels and Rice Curry. To try out his recipe, visit the Get Bucks website.

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