13 December 2013

13th December 2013

Fridays on the Advent Calendar have always been about music! We fondly hope that someone will be sneaking a peek at work and suddenly B*Witched or Little Drummer Boy will come bursting out of their speakers. (Did this ever happen to you?) But we haven't had any videos yet so today we'll do a round up of some of our favourite adverts.

Today is Christmas Jumper Day for Save The Children. You might be all jumper-ed out by now, but perhaps this video of The Killing's Sarah Lund complaining about non-jumper wearers might change your mind:

Then the two best musical adverts this year, both from IKEA. Adam liked the 'Gnomes' one so much, he bought the music on iTunes!

And for just get-down-funkiness, the 'Playin' With My Friends' advert can't be beat:

Finally, our favourite advert of the year. Perfect casting, the seated girl's reactions are a joy to behold!

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