8 December 2012

8th December 2012

I may shock you to know we're not the only online Advent Calendar out there. We've found some great ones that we'd love to share with you. None of them explicitly say they were inspired by us, but we like to think so anyway!

Name: Turning Point Trust
Sample Page:
Link: http://www.tptrust.org/blog/uncategorized/advent-calendar-resource/

This is a great charity supported by our church working in Kibera in Kenya. The advent calendar helps you think about issues of poverty while exploring the story of the Nativity

Name: Tate Kids
Sample Page: What I like about Lichtenstein
Link: http://kids1.tate.org.uk/blog/?tag=advent-calendar

Everyday a different child from Rotherhithe chooses a painting from the Tate collection and writes about why they like it

Name: Royal Institution
Sample Page: Dec 7th: Prof Brian Cox explains why chemistry and biology are only applied physics
Link: http://advent.richannel.org/

Short videos on a host of scientific topics, with links to this year's Christmas lectures
Name: Kings Road Primary School
Sample Page: Christmas in Australia
Link: http://advent.kingsroadprimary.net/2012/

Every day the students discover more about Christmas all around the world
Name: xkcd
Sample Page: just the one
Link: http://xkcd.com/994/

This is definitely a cartoon for Maths nerds - but ask if you need it explained!
Name: Just Ermie
Sample Page: Ermie finds a cure for man-flu
Link: http://justermie.blogspot.co.uk/2012_12_01_archive.html

In this calendar by unashamed geek artist Ermie, she explains some of the things about Christmas that she likes, and that she finds VERY annoying. Warning: may contain swears.

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