4 December 2012

4th December 2012

After a previous year's disappointment with my Maltesers Advent Calendar* I was very pleased this year to get a Percy Pig calendar. Those unfamiliar with the phenomenon that is Percy should know that he fronts a range of gummy sweets in pig shapes, with varieties including Veggie Percy (no gelatine), Percy & Pals (with cow shapes), and Percy's Pigsty (a new mixture of big and small shapes).

My Percy calendar contains a raspberry-flavoured chocolate Percy shape each day, and a picture of, for example, Percy wearing a Christmas tree on his head.

It wouldn't be fair not to tell you that these amazing products are available at Marks & Spencers, and there's a whole seasonal range of gifts including Percy & Penny piggy banks, and a Percy lunchbox and flask.

* does not contain a daily Malteser

Bonus beats: you can become one of Percy's pals by liking his Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/PercyPig

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