2 December 2012

2nd December 2012

James Bond fans had a double helping this year with the Olympics Opening Ceremony and the release of Skyfall, the 60th anniversary Bond film. Old friends of the calendar will know that we are big fans of fan art, and we loved this picture of Daniel Craig (yes, it really is him) taken from a "How To Draw" blog by Shoo Rayner. Yes, "Drawing teacher to the world" is his profession. And yes, Shoo is his name.

If you want to see some other attempts, check out Daniel Craig line drawings on Google Images.

Bonus beats: if you're ever in Great Yarmouth, don't miss the chance to see the worst wax museum in the world, it's Louis Tussauds House Of Wax. Many of the figures are almost unrecognisable, it's so bad it's good. Here's their Daniel Craig:

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