18 December 2012

18th December 2012

It's the last week of term, so teachers are on the look-out for activities that are (a) educationally valuable, and (b) seasonally relevant. One of my favourites is to look at constructing snowflakes - depending on the group it can be something quite straighforward, or become incredibly intricate.

Our friend Karen is both a Maths teacher and very good at knitting and crochet, and these are some of the many snowflake designs she has crocheted this year.

If you want to make snowflakes online there are two very good websites:

At http://www.andrewt.net/snowflake/ by adjusting the pattern in the top left you can alter your snowflake on the right

If paper-cutting is more your thing but you don't fancy clearing up the mess, a snowflake maker from http://snowflakes.barkleyus.com/ gives you loads of possibilities!

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