16 December 2012

16th December 2012

Forget iced-topped mince pies, panettone, and stollen. There's a new Christmas treat and it's delicious!

Ricciarelli are handmade cakes made with almond, sugar, honey and egg whites, with a hint of candied orange.

 A tiny family-run bakery in Montalcino makes these Tuscan cakes for Carluccios. They use September's fresh almond crop and bake the cakes lightly so they're crunchy outside, but soft and light inside. Ricciarelli means "little curly things".

The only problem is ... they're sold out! We managed to get one packet for our friends Ian and Brendan, and one for ourselves. So our top tip ... get to Carluccios next November and buy up as many as you can - some for gifts, but mainly for you!

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