15 December 2012

15th December 2012

It's the weekend (hooray!) and well done to those of you at independent schools who have broken up for the holidays, do think of your colleagues with a week to go (and non-teachers who don't even get a holiday).

Let's round up some more great Advent Calendars that are out there on the web:

Name: Tracey Thorn
Sample Page: Tracey's Yule Log recipe
Link: http://www.buzzinfly.com/ecards/calendar/tracey-thorn-advent-calendar.html

Tracey is the singer from Everything But The Girl and she has a cornucopia of musical treats, playlists and vids for you to see each day

Name: Advent Calendar for Clerks and Governors
Sample Page: What can GB Chairs learn form the role of Board Chair
Link: http://clerktogovernors.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/advent-calendar-for-clerks-and-governors-3rd-december/

Occasionally educational, often seasonal, and sometimes with free food, this niche calendar is for anyone on the Governing Body of a school

Name: German Embassy, London
Sample Page: Yule Log recipe
Link: http://www.germanembassyadventcalendar.org/?language=en

27 Days of European Christmas customs, presented by our Teutonic sidekicks

Name: World of Moose
Sample Page: what you make of it!
Link: http://www.worldofmoose.com/pages/fillmein1_7.html

An Advent picture to print out, colour in, and force your grandparents to put on their fridge

Name: Plus Advent Calendar
Sample Page: Does it pay to be nice? The Maths of Altruism
Link: http://plus.maths.org/content/2012-plus-advent-calendar

Another calendar for Maths nerds - a different article, podcast or puzzle every day!

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