12 December 2012

12th December 2012

It's here! 12/12/12! The most exciting date since 10/11/12, or maybe 08/10/12, ...
Also known as International Soundcheck Day, many say we won't see another triple date in our lifetimes. But as Whitney Houston sang, I believe the children are our future.
[I really shouldn't type these so early in the morning or late at night]

Everyone seemed to like our Star Wars decorations on Day 1, so here's a round-up of some other Star Wars stuff that's appeared this Christmas.

I call this one "These are Knit the Droids you are looking for."
Aren't they adorable?

With Jedi numbers falling in the UK (see yesterday's 2011 Census data release) some have posited the existence of a Death Star near Earth turning people to the Dark Side. Here's two Death Star gift ideas!

and anyone who's received the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar will have been disappointed by December 2nd's Jar Jar Binks, but hopefully you've been cheered up with figures like this taken by Flickr user J5K

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