10 December 2012

10th December 2012

Every year, the great and the good have to choose a Christmas card design to show how serious/family-friendly/famous they are (delete as appropriate). If you haven't seen the ones from the three party leaders, you can find them here (I'm not going to spoil your day by putting Cameron on this calendar).

But others are more imaginative. MPs, for example, will want to get children in their constituency to design a card, because Christmas is all about the children.

In first place, Maisie Jackson from Harrogate has designed the card for Harrogate MP Andrew Jones. She received a special certificate signed by Mr Jones.

Edinburgh South MP Ian Murray had a hard job choosing his winning card, shown here with creator Louis Renwick. "My team and I are still covered in glitter.”, he said.

Chris Grayling MP chose this card by six-year-old Emily Reeh. In particularly exciting news, one of Emily's cards will be sent to the Prime Minister. Another will be sent to Nick Clegg.

Here, Shadow Home Secretary MP Yvette Cooper is shown with her winner, Ayeesha Wasti, Mrs Cooper was also reported to be helping the Mayor of Normanton switch on town’s Christmas lights.

Finally, nul points to Stourbridge MP Margot James, who was so disappointed by her winners, Thomas and Rachel, she wouldn't even let them have a photo of their cards in the paper. Instead she showed how generous she was by posing with them holding their book tokens.

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