30 November 2012

1st December 2012

Welcome to our Advent Calendar! Now in its 10th year, we're so happy to have friends, family and random visitors joining us again for our Christmas preparations. Do send us your ideas, your photos, and your feedback. OK, enough chat, on with the show!

We're going to start decorating the house today, and what better way to brighten up the window than with some paper snowflakes? But with a twist ... STAR WARS snowflakes!

Thanks to Anthony Herrera, who has designed a whole Jedi Council of snowflakes, like R2-D2 above, you can have Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie and even Admiral Ackbar.

Download the full set from Anthony's blog.

Bonus beats: buy "Darth Vader and Son", a heartwarming cartoon book by Jeffrey Brown, about what would have happened if Lord Vader had to use his parenting skills (rather than the Force) to bring up a 5-year-old Luke.

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