4 December 2011

4th December 2011

Our tree is up, so today we're going to start putting on all the decorations! We're always looking out for non-traditional baubles (who could forget the Starbucks cups, and the space pod from 2001?).

To get you into the Christmas spirit, GIANTmicrobes have produced five favourite mini microbes dressed up for the holidays: Dust Mite with antlers and a red nose, Red Blood Cell sprinkled with snowflakes, Salmonella decked out with festive holly, Penicillin decorated with colorful ornaments, and an exclusive Green Amoeba bundled up in a red scarf and ear muffs.

Microbes are a very important part of Christmas, especially in Christmas food (though hopefully not salmonella!) Follow this link to read about: The Microbes of Christmas.

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