6 December 2010

6th December 2010

We love getting presents! Already under our tree is a big bag of gifts that (mainly female) friends have already given us ready for Christmas Day. And visiting some friends yesterday, we saw the children have already started empire-building by collecting together their presents in discrete piles.

How many of you have got to give a 'Secret Santa' present this year? Also known as 'Kris Kringle', this is the anonymous present swapping that's really taken off in the West. This year we both have two to do, one at work and one at church. We like to think we're quite good at it, because we enjoy shopping!

What if you're rubbish at shopping? Look no further!

Yes, Tesco will solve your Secret Santa woes by giving you 3 for 2 on almost-useless tat that's been designated ideal for giving someone you vaguely know a cheap gift! But let's not get negative about it - you can always re-gift it next year!

Watch out - here comes the science bit: Derangement.
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