2 December 2010

2nd December 2010

As a child, my gran insisted on eating cheese with Christmas cake, or indeed any fruit cake. My Twitter friends @oye_billy and @jennylemac are currently declaring their love of cheese, and want an Advent Calendar filled with it. Well, I can only offer them one tasty morsel on this calendar, but what a feast of Christmas-related cheese there is!

a cheddar tree:

a cheese truffle wreath:

a Krafty cheesy tree:

Raymond Briggs-inspired cheese truckles:

And just for my gran!

thanks to MonikaDesign, Elysia, and TheNibble for the photos

UPDATE: Here's a fantastic wedding cake made entirely of cheese! ta to Adrian for the tip, and Dave&Amanda for the idea, and thecheeseshed.com for making it!

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