17 December 2010

17th December 2010

Our very talented friend @timidheathen not only produces THE best mix CDs, but does fantastic artwork for them as well. This is her Christmas 2010 CD:

If you're on Spotify, you can hear the CD as well: Spotify link

If not, here's the playlist:

Other recommended Christmas music: A Charlie Brown Christmas

Not recommended: 10 Most Annoying Christmas Songs

UPDATE: this will all become a bit Paul Morley, as he enjoys writing books containing long lists of songs that you have never heard of or can't track down. But I had to add two playlists posted on Twitter by @rhodri from his friend Will, a series of classic mix CDs from Christmas past.

and here's two articles from today's Guardian, one by Bob Stanley, who WROTE St Etienne's 'I was born on Christmas Day':

Writing the perfect Christmas hit

The music that makes Christmas

AND here's the video for St Etienne. Like the Ambassador, I am really spoiling you!

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