12 December 2009

12th December

It's time for a musical entry on the advent calendar, and this is a great cover of the classic Kate Bush song "December will be magic again". It's sung by Pieros Kezou, a runner-up in the Cypriot pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. The piano is played by Adam's brother, Guy Creen, a music teacher in Cyprus.

Pieros's website shares the following facts:
"Pieros showed early signs of maturity and a high interest in music; instead of playing with the kids of his age, he would lock himself in his room with a voice recorder and a small synthesizer."
"It was very clear to him that he didn't want to follow the usual musical norms in both the music and the lyrics, thus he's trying to create a more pioneer and authentic sound for his work."
"His recent work of the last couple of years, is concentrating in song writing. Influenced by Kate Bush, David Bowie, Suede, Depeche Mode, Antony and the Johnsons, he's writing songs with very personal and revealing, mainly in English lyrics, finished with interesting orchestrations and sensitive vocal touches. He is often in his work self sarcasting, other times observing, demonstrating and challenging taboo issues."

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