7 December 2009

7th December

The Copenhagen conference on climate change, COP15, starts today. Its logo was designed by Troels Faber and Jakob Wildschiødtz from Copenhagen's Studio NR2154. They write, "The design is based on graphs of scientific climate data, showing predicted temperature changes, and there are 192 lines, one for each UN member state. It is simple, because the symbol is a stylised globe. It is complex, because the visual expression allows many different interpretations. The network of lines can be seen as connections between UN's 192 member states, but can also be seen as an expression of vulnerability, atmosphere and dynamic connections."

This editorial will be on the front page of 56 newspapers in 45 countries in 20 languages. Please read it and debate the issues with your friends. Whatever you believe about climate change, inaction is the thing that will surely destroy us.
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