23 March 2008

Louis Tussauds

I've never been to Madame Tussauds, as I can't afford it. Or at least I don't have the patience to queue up with Japanese children with identical backpacks. Or maybe it's lost all credibility since the Planetarium no longer has Patrick Moore narrating it and instead has Dick and Dom (or whoever).

Anyway, I haven't been and at the age of 38 seem increasingly unlikely to. I have however been to Great Yarmouth, erstwhile seaside resort and home of customised car racing along the prom. Seriously, it's like 'The Fast and The Furious' with inbreeding. And fab Yarmouth attraction Louis Tussauds was in the news recently due to the unrealistic nature of the waxworks' faces.

Have a look at the pictures above and see if you can guess who they are. Answers below. You could email them to all your colleagues and keep the Bank Holiday spirit going for 5 more minutes on Tuesday morning by laughing hysterically at the almost-but-not-quite-recognisable heads.

1. Starsky and Hutch
2. Adam Ant and Larry Grayson
3. Richard Burton and Diana Dors
4. Kevin Keegan and George Best
5. John Travolta and Bob Hope
6. Princess Diana and Prince Charles
7. Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey
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