16 March 2008

American Princess

The names of the contestants for this year's American Princess, presented by the execrable Paul Burrell, are like poetry! I'd love for you to try and guess the made-up one, but unfortunately, they're all real!

Clarissa Santiago, an outgoing former beauty pageant contestant from Bronx, NY;
Tara Zynel, an opera singer and introverted arts student from Pittsburgh, PA;
Liz Rizza, a rapping college basketball player from Umpqua Valley, OR;
Cassie Shea Watson, a theater major from Longview, TX; ;
Letosha Joshua, a former military sergeant from Chief City, FL;
Danielle Sutterfield, a tree-hugging figure model from Arlington, TX;
Crystal Rowe, a nanny and former foster child from Folsom, CA;
Jasmine Espinal, a punk rocker from Orlando, FL;
Kirsten Stiff (pictured), an energetic teacher who makes dog tutus in her spare time, from Sarasota, FL;
Felicia Flick, a bikini-wearing boxer from Homer City, PA;
Yvonka DeRidder, a bi-sexual Psychology student from Tampa, FL;
Nakia Vestal, a former exotic dancer from Baytown, TX;
Pari Faramarzi, a student from Oxford University

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Anonymous said...

I just want to say think you for being a fan of the show. I had a great time learning and being give the all the oppertuitys I was given! Thanks so much!!

Crystal Rowe