25 September 2007

Irony 1: school disco for school students

There are two completely different things called 'School Disco'. One involves middle-aged teachers wearily chasing smoking kids out of the loos back into a dimly lit school hall where Mr "DJ Tony" Clark plays a selection of modern choons and the boys sit down one side of the room and the girls the other.
The other is where mindless Lambrini girls (for girls read women in their 20s) off their heads and out of their clothes pretend their school uniform used to be a bra and netball skirt (and symmetrical freckles) and sexually harass men to the strains of Britney Spears.
Now a few years ago someone had the bright idea of letting under 18s have a proper club night of their own, with no booze and no drugs, but a decent atmosphere and a lot of fun. In Woking it's DJ Keith who did them at Quake, where I'd be innocently walking out of the car park and a line of 200 teenyboppers would scream 'Hello Mr Creen' at me.
Now Keith (or his sidekick DJ Leroy) has had the bright idea of running a School Disco ... but for teenagers. Why? Is he going to play hits of the 90s at them? Or is he going to get some of their form tutors to be bouncers?
I don't understand why people who are at school all day want to go to a club night where they pretend they are at school again?

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