24 September 2007

C30 C60 C90 Go! part 3

This 'rid of old cassettes' thing is proving to be quite expensive. Another compilation I'd made from albums borrowed from the library (to be precise: libraries in Whitley Bay, North Shields, Newcastle, and to a lesser extent, Monkseaton and Tynemouth) was the best bits of T'Pau's two albums.

Be honest, all you really know about them is their single 'China In Your Hand', Carol Decker having the biggest and reddest hair of 1987, and the fact they are named after a Vulcan from Star Trek.

I certainly remembered them as being soft-rock a la Heart (These Dreams, Alone etc.) but when I started listening, every song not only seemed familiar, they had fantastic production, fantastic keyboards, and a fantastic variety of styles. And Carol's voice is so distinctive and powerful.

So on eBay I bought both of their albums and my recorded media collection has actually increased! But if you hanker after a nostalgic wallow, you can't do better than their first album, 'Heart and Soul'.

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