21 September 2007

C30 C60 C90 Go! part 1

I'm tidying up the house, and working out what music I'll never listen to again. There's cassettes I've had since the late 80s that have moved with me 7 times in 20 years and I've never played them. What's sadder is that these are tapes I made, carefully selecting all of my favourite songs by an artist, and then sticking them in a box. So I'm working my way through them, one by one, and posting my farewells here.

The first one is 'Hue and Cry'. I had them roundly labelled as a Scottish band, so much so that the end of the tape has a couple of Proclaimers songs stuck on for good measure. The combination of a distinctive Scottish burr and jazzy arrangements redolent of Swing Out Sister make it a good listen, but it doesn't bring back specific memories, and it's only generically uplifting.

What should I do with these old TDK D90s (or for premium recordings, Sony SA90s)? I can't give my old mix tapes to a charity shop, burning wouldn't be environmental, and it seems a shame to just put them in the bin. Any ideas?

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