27 August 2016

Downloading ResultsPlus data

This is a step-by-step guide for downloading GCSE question-level data from Edexcel's ResultsPlus website. It is a companion to Mel "JustMaths" Muldowney's blog post "Results Plus – QLA – June 2016" which has instructions on what to do with the datafile once you have downloaded it.

Go to https://www.resultsplusdirect.co.uk/ResultsPlus/Default.aspx

Enter your username and password. These are the same as your EdexcelOnline username and password. If you do not have one, ask the Exams Officer at your school to set you up. If you have forgotten them, click on the link below the login boxes.

Click on the top option, "Results Plus Analysis"

Click on the bottom right option, "Downloads"

Using the + buttons to the left of 1MA0 GCSE MATHEMATICS, get the list of the 4 papers

To the right of each paper is Download CSV link. Click each one in turn.

If you are doing this within 12 hours of 6am on Results Day, you may have to wait a stupid length of time. This is not Graham Cumming's fault, but you can blame me, Mel, Seager, Fat Fonzi, and every other early bird desperate to download the scores (which bizarrely don't appear on EdexcelOnline, or on the students' results sheets). If not, you will see:

This is the CSV file you will open and import into Mel's amazing spreadsheet.

Any questions, just ask on Twitter: https://twitter.com/adamcreen