24 March 2018

Edexcel GCSE 9-1 2018

And we're off! Well done to everyone who took the first exam, and those who prepared them. A fortnight to the next exam feels a long time!

This page is a round-up of resources for Edexcel GCSE produced before the final paper. Remember Best Guess is a GUESS and a predicted paper is JUST A GUESS. Revise everything even if it came up on earlier papers! Here's Uncle Graham:

Students and tutees should be aware that schools or tutors may be planning to give these papers to you before the next paper, and so doing all of them without help may not be the best preparation - it is better to ask so you can work with your teachers and tutors.

If you produce or discover any resources I could add, please email adamcreen@hotmail.com or tweet @adamcreen. Thanks!




Preparation Materials https://corbettmaths.com/2018/05/25/edexcel-papers-2-and-3-june-2018/


Practice Papers https://www.piximaths.co.uk/the-revision-zone


Target Topics and Questions https://mathszest.com/2018/05/24/edexcel-paper-2-3-prep/


Practice Questions https://t.co/qRkHSBv507


Predicted Papers https://mathsgenie.co.uk/predictedpapers.html


Best Guess Papers https://www.bennettmaths.com/best-guess-papers/

Pinpoint Learning:

Revision Packs http://www.pinpointlearning.co.uk/AI_Pinpoint_Revision_Booklets_New_P2.php

Ian Tomkins:

Higher Topic List http://www.mrbartonmaths.com/blog/tomkins-tips-edexcel-higher-papers-2-and-3-topic-list/

South Coast Tutors:

Foundation Paper (updated version) http://southcoasttutors.co.uk/mdocs-posts/edexcel-foundation-predicted-paper-2-3-2018


Predicted Papers https://www.onmaths.com/

Mr Chadburn:

(coming soon) http://mrchadburn.co.uk/


BONUS AQA and OCR and IGCSE Section

double-check the websites above, especially PixiMaths and JustMaths

and additionally

Ben Gordon - AQA Foundation Topics https://t.co/l1jNlQmlk5 

Mr Mattock - AQA Practice Papers https://t.co/L3TlC0dmFO and https://t.co/ubFAOxzia6

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