7 January 2019

Casio Calculator Pricing 2019

2019 Update: The new Casio fx-83/85GTX

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The pricing below now includes the new KS3/GCSE calculator in the Casio range
The fx-83/85GTX replaces the existing fx-83/85GT+
It has Classwiz branding and a new look to bring it into line with the fx-991EX

This blogpost will be kept updated with availability and pricing on the High Street and from educational suppliers
The 83 is available in black, blue and pink, and uses one AAA battery
The 85 model is only available in black, and has a solar panel as well as battery backup
Our advice: choose the cheapest you can find! Neither the colour nor the solar is worth paying extra money for

If you are buying for a GCSE student and they are likely to do A Level Maths, you are better off buying the fx-991EX as this is allowed at GCSE and is essential for A Level. It will save you £10 in the long run

Let me know if you see any cheaper deals: email adamcreen@hotmail.com or tweet @robotmaths

Casio fx-83/85GTX

Tesco: £11.00 and £13.00 - WOW almost as cheap as a school can manage!

WHSmith: £12.99 and £14.99
ASDA: (fx-85GTX only) £15.00
Argos: £14.99 and £16.99
Sainsburys: £15.00 and £17.00
Ryman: fx-85GTX £17.99 and £18.99 #ripoff

It can be ordered from educational suppliers:

Science Studio £10/£11.70 including VAT
Oxford Educational Supplies £10.70/£12.60 including VAT
Oxford Scientific Solutions £10.20 including VAT (non-solar only)
Integrity Services not on website

Casio fx-991EX
aka Classwiz (though this name is now on the new GTX calculators as well).

This model is required for A Level and is also allowed in GCSE exams.

Ryman: £24.99 BEST BUY

WHSmith: £27.99
Argos: £28.99
Sainsburys: £30.00
Tesco: £30.00
Asda: £35.00 #ripoff

Educational suppliers (see links above): around £23.00 including VAT, but may charge postage.

Beware of buying "cheap" versions on eBay/Amazon. They may be designed for a different country and have non-English buttons and display.
Always ensure you are buying from Amazon themselves:

Casio fx-CG50 graphic calculator

This is not a requirement for any GCSE or A Level course, but is allowed in all exams.

Argos: £104.99
WHSmith: £119.99 #ripoff
Ryman: £129.99 #ripoff

Amazon: £114 - this is likely to change, use this Amazon link

Educational suppliers (see links above): around £100.00 including VAT, but may charge postage.

Casio link to suppliers: https://education.casio.co.uk/where-to-purchase

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